Bellway cause more hardship for local community

Soon or not so soon to be luxury flats? Bellway is plaguing residents with more trouble as a serious error was discovered in the build. The new building already up to the third storey is knocked down to the ground again because it is unsafe. To make matters worse Bellway did not inform local residents of their actions, but instead tried to hide the demolition behind plastic sheeting, only to find they were covering the surrounding Salcombe Road, Truman Road, Pellerin Road and the Shelgrove Estate with thick clouds of lime and cement dust. The usual practice of water dampening has not been undertaken as huge clouds of dust were reported billowing over the site boundary.

Bellway cause disaster for local residents

Bellway demolish what they have just built

Aside from gardens and plants are suffering, the health of the many residents is at stake. Many have reported increased respiratory issues because of this. There are many elderly residents on neighbouring Shelgrove estate who are having trouble cleaning the dust from inside their homes. It is not only the elderly but also the young who are having troubles. One resident reported their child regularly in fits of tears and deep breathing, experiencing a fear of suffocation because of the sensation of restrictions in the throat. Another, his daughter asking ”when daddy will I stop sneezing in the mornings?”

Typical example of lime dust in house on Lydford Close

Typical example of lime dust in house on Lydford Close

This is not the first time Bellway have tried to pull the wool over local residents eyes. With 80% objection from the start, Bellway have not compromised one bit with regard to the design, despite the three surrounding residents associations producing a design that was feasible for both them and local residents. It was recently discovered, the building footprint and foundations too are closer than that passed by Hackney Planning.

Local residents are upset by lack of communication, illegal working hours, illegal construction causing extended build process plus environmental pollution resulting in health issues amongst residents. Neither Bellway nor Environmental Health have yet started a cleanup operation.

Link to Hackney Gazette article:

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