Ecological artwork denied by developers

Detail view: Shadow Of My Soon To Be Former Self, Experimenter En Couleur

Shadow Of My Soon To Be Former Self (detail)

You may have missed this work entitled ‘Shadow Of My Soon To Be Former Self’ as it was only visible for a short period. The artwork appeared as the existing building was being demolished. Its completion was stopped in its tracks.

Shadow Of My Soon To Be Former Self (work in progress)

Foreseen loss of our last dear friends to survive on the site was preempted by local artist Experimenter En Couleur (EEC) as the site was being cleared by the developer. Much of the wildlife had already been forced out, but the guardians of the sites extremities still remained. The intervention was produced in the early autumn of 2013 and was intended to be a monument to the trees on the site and all that inhabited them and their local environment. The permanent markings of the trees shadows began with the most beautifully proportioned tree on the site, the False Acacia and was to circumnavigate the sites other trees before their downfall. EEC says ”this work reflects upon our own existence but focuses its attention on building developers environmental impacts. Be it their insistence to push every site to critical density at a detriment to the local community in human and wildlife terms, or for their excessive use of cheap and easy materials like concrete, a great contributor of C02 emissions. My wish is for all, developers and individuals, to be compassionate, ultimately to themselves, humankind and to do this requires a moral responsibility to the environment.”

As this works progress was white washed, EEC photographed the other trees on the site of which some are included below. Another related work of interest was completed on the new development on Kingsland High Street opposite Arcola Street and can be seen here:

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